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The Last “True” Packard


Dad used to tell me that it was too bad that I came of age at a time that Packards were no longer built.  He remembers when the owning a Packard meant that you Packard-scriptlogowere an elite member of the social aristocracy.  Packard was the embodiment of the peak of American Automotive luxury and quality.  In dad’s eyes, Packards were the best cars ever produced.

The legendary automobile company had it start in Warren, Ohio by the brothers who operated the Packard Electric Company.  James and William manufactured electrical equipment and wire for industry.  The most popular story has it that James was so unhappy with his purchase of a Winton automobile that he personally complained to maker Alexander Winton.  The car maker responded to James Packard by saying, “If you’re so smart, build a better machine, yourself.”  So, in 1899, James did.

The first Packard was a one-cylinder buggy…

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If You're Left

Ah those New York values

Via Guns:

Taking effect Thursday, New York’s capital city became the fourth municipality in the state to enact laws mandating guns not in use be locked up under threat of fines and jail time.

The city joined Rochester, Buffalo and New York City as well as Westchester County as a whole, in adopting the safe storage requirements.

Gun control advocates see the move as a big win.

A “big win” for who exactly? Abiding by it will mean you need more time to get your firearm if is needed for self-defense. It may well also mean  a citizen who legally uses their gun in self-defense might be punished if they admit to keeping the firearm at the ready

“We are proud to stand with Albany’s leaders to welcome this new law, which will help reduce gun thefts, keep guns away from children, and reduce gun…

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If You're Left

Human predators are the only beneficiaries. Bookworm Room explains

A video has emerged from France purportedly showing a gang of Muslim immigrants armed with rocks and truncheons, descending upon a lone French man.  The way these human predators slowly close in on the Frenchman reminds me of nothing so much as hyenas encircling a wounded lion or elephant.  If this video is real, the Frenchman was fortunate in that he was armed and made it clear he was willing to defend himself.  Not all Europeans are so lucky — especially, of late, European women, who are completely at the mercy of the hyenas in their midst:

In situations such as this, guns save lives. And if the situation had escalated, and (assuming the video is what it purports to be) the Frenchman had been forced to fire at the thugs, killing one or more, it would have saved the life worth saving…

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Michael X. Shapson, Author

Rose Hamid, the latest poster child for those who would like you to believe Islamophobia is a bigger threat to the United States than Islamic terrorism and supremacy, has a long and oppressive history of pushing for Islamic domination over all aspects of American life. In 1997, she sued US Airways after she returned from a leave of absence and expected to suddenly be allowed to wear her hijab in her role as a US Airways flight attendant. She ultimately won this battle. An American corporation was forced to abandon its long-standing policies and bow down to Islamic supremacy in the workplace.

In 2004, Mrs. Hamid was instrumental in getting the songs “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World” removed from the Christmas Program at Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools in North Carolina. Despite feathery, soothing talk of “coexistence” and “understanding” from Muslims, these songs were deemed offensive because they talk about…

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